Our intellectual property strategy involves a comprehensive review of assets, ideas, patentable or patented products, brands and domain names. This strategy also involves identifying the main Neovacs objectives including internal products, technologies, and licensing contracts with academic or private partners.

As part of its portfolio to manufacturers, Neovacs enhances intellectual assets through the establishment of licensing agreements at different stages of development.

Neovacs has built an intellectual property strategy to optimize time, money, and efforts devoted to each stage of the company development. This is done in association with the intellectual property firm ICOSA, who are dedicated to the health sector and specialized in Biotech and Medtech.

Neovacs benefits from support of ICOSA at the various steps of intellectual property protection, by filing patents and trademarks, helping to develop the industrial property strategies, issuing legal opinions on patentability or freedom to operate, and by financially assessing the value of portfolios of intellectual property assets.

Neovacs' Kinoid technology is patented until 2040