Neovacs has two main activities: Research and Development activity, and investment activity.

We are developing our own technology platform for Kinoid products used in lupus disease and allergies. This innovative approach allows the patient's immune system to regulate the damage caused by overproduction of cytokines (active immunotherapy).

We also use the skills of our experienced team to invest in companies developing innovative products ( (BioTech) and medical devices (MedTech).

Products and Indications

In recent years, we have developed a technological platform that has made it possible to provide different drug candidates.

Product portfolio using Kinoïde® technology

Kinoide® IFNα in lupus

Kinoide® IL-4/IL-13/ IgE in allergy


Neovacs has set up an external project evaluation committee to invest in high potential BioTech and MedTech companies.

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