Founded in 1993 as a spin-off of Paris Sorbonne (formerly Pierre and Marie Curie University), our ambition is to develop our Kinoid products, resulting from patented technologies, and to invest in innovative companies such as Biotech and Medtech.

In 2003, the Company received its first funds from private venture capital investors. Then, in 2010, Neovacs was introduced on the Euronext Growth market in Paris.

In 2020, we now have two distinct activities: Research and Development (R&D) activity, and investment activity.

At research and development, our activities revolve around the Kinoid technological platform in two main therapeutic indications, lupus disease and allergies. This innovative approach allows the patient's immune system to regulate the harmful overproduction of cytokines (active immunotherapy). Neovacs'Kinoid technology, used in particular in the treatment of lupus disease, is patented until 2040.

  • For the treatment of Lupus disease, we have completed our Phase IIb clinical study.
  • For the treatment of allergies (asthma in particular), our production department is currently working on improving the manufacturing process to meet international standards, allowing initiation of the clinical development of our Kinoid IL-4 / IL-13 product.
  • For the Kinoid technology (Platform), we have implemented a preclinical research program in order to optimize the covalent combination between the autoantigen (cytokine and others) and the carrier protein to reduce manufacture and characterization costs.

Our investment activity leverages the skills of our experienced scientific and financial teams to invest in promising projects, both in the development of drug candidates (BioTech) and medical devices (MedTech).

Our team is essentially structured around 4 departments.

  • Our R&D aims at the development of Kinoid candidates, and at proof of concept (PoC) studies in animals
  • Our CMC (Chemistry Manufacturing Control) is in charge of industrial development, characterization and production control of Kinoids
  • Our clinical and regulatory team ensures the preparation of studies, their validation by the agencies and the smooth running of clinical trials
  • - Our financial and legal team determines the best investment conditions for Neovacs and for its partners.

All of our teams work in an integrated manner to progress both our internal products and our investments at the same time.

Neovacs History