Brevets délivrés

 Date d’expiration (à l’exclusion des SPC)

Brevet  Titre Pays  Exp. Date
WO2004/024189 Stable immunogenic product comprising antigenic heterocomplexes Composition of matter EP, US, CN,CA, ZA, AU, BR, JP, IN, NZ  2023
WO2005/028513 High yield method for the production of human
antibodies blocking the biological activity
of a human cytokine
Composition of matter EP, US, CA, JP  2024
WO2012/136739 Method for treating IFNα related conditions Use/method EP, US, HK, AU, BR, MX, RU, JP, CN, IL, IN, KR, CA  2032

Brevets en cours de procédure

WO2019/229153 Immunogenic product comprising IL4 and/or IL13 for treating disorders associated with aberrant IL4 and/or IL13 expression or activity Composition of matter EP, US, HK, US, AU, BR, CA, CN, CU, IL, IN, JP, KR, MX, NZ, RU, SG, ZA  2039
WO2022/058571 Immunogenic product comprising an IgE fragment for treating IgE-mediated inflammatory disorders Composition of matter PCT 2041
PCT mRNA vaccines comprising IL-4 and/or IL-13 RNA and uses thereof Composition of matter PCT 2042